Enter TigerGreen

Presently we seem to be faced with some very big changes to the Earth’s status quo, and we need to retain our quality of life.  For one reason or another The Climate is a-changing in ways that we did not expect.  Plus the world’s population has risen from 4.6bn in 1976 to 6.9bn to-day.  If everyone is to be fed and have a good quality of life, then we are all going to have to change the way we do things.

As Alison Tottenham, TigerGreen’s founder, I guess that I should introduce myself briefly.  Soon to reach the age of retirement, I have seen a lot of life and always taken an interest in what is going on.  Having grown up on a working farm I developed a particular interest in the sciences which led to a  BSc (Hons) degree in Agriculture followed after some years by an MSc in Environmental Sciences.  My working life has covered a variety of biological jobs and a full range of work in the Environmental Sciences, plus some work with agriculture.  So I’ve seen a lot to comment on.

All the resources on the Earth are finite, but due to the actions of our Sun and the movement of the planet, we have access to Renewable Energy sources.  One of the best things that we can do right now is to take the pressure off use of fossil hydrocarbons to power our Electricity Grid and  our vehicles.

TigerGreen’s interests lie in all the ways that we can save hydrocarbons and preferably keep them below ground.  Every time that we burn coal, the fossil Carbon combines with Oxygen from our atmosphere forming Carbon dioxide and with Hydrogen to form water.  Even if we could safely bury the Carbon dioxide, for every 12gm of the fossil Carbon that we took out of the atmosphere, we would also be removing 32gm Oxygen – a legitimate and very useful gas – from the atmosphere.  There are better things that we can do with the Carbon dioxide; including use of Solar Energy, with a bit of clever technology, to reconvert it to Hydrocarbons.  Afterall the Plants do this on a daily basis without any help from humans!


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